Yebo!World lets you collect the world world as you travel it.

Now in Limited Beta test (iOS only)

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App Features


Travel the world to earn Global Experience Points (GXP). Yebo!World is your global travel log.

App Features


Collect your world. Keep track on where you should go next. Maybe it's time to finally complete Europe?

App Features


Connect with friends and fellow users who shares your travel interest. Find new global friends.

App Features

social CV

Gain and build your personal travel CV. Show your friends and the world where you have been and what you like to do.

App Features


Collect points, badges and build your personal globetrotter index.

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Meet The Team

Ulf Hedlund



Experience from banking, financial and pharmaceutical industry in IT and Internet solutions.Specializes in System integration, software, database design and security solutions.

Gunnar Lindberg Årneby



Serial entrepreneur with almost 25 years experience of disruptive startups including Spray and E*Trade.

Rob Dixon

Rob Dixon

Senior iOS Developer

Thanks to Brit Rob Dixon our iOS app is coming along nicely.

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